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Vertical Notes 縦書きメモ 直书备忘录

posted Jul 21, 2010, 1:43 AM by 单丽颖

Vertical Notes is a software which can help you to make notes in Asian traditional vertical line.

Now you can share your text with your friends without any limitation and consideration of software and hardware he/she is using.  Another benefits will get: it's very hard to any spy software to analysis your text (email or SMS) generated by Vertical Notes.  It's unnessary to encrypt the text all time.

BTW, you will get a free beautiful vertical text viewer within this software once you hold your iPhone/iPod Touch horizontally.

縦書きメモは文字を縦方向並べぶエディターです。入力或いはコピーされた文章をボタン一発で、縦書きに並び替えます。その結果をメールやショットメッセー ジに添付すれば、簡単に友達へ転送出来ます。もちろん受信側は特別な設備やソフトなど無しでも、縦書き文字をそのまま受け取れます。